Friday, March 7, 2008

Some Photos

Starting off with a view 3 feet from my door. Yup, I'm being spoiled at the moment, staying at a guest house and eating really well while I get my bearings and meet some of the staff at Forest Fruits.

The pool is beside the guest house - although its out of service at the moment.

Our team during motorcycle training (less JP) - click for larger image.

as you enter the property

Gotta love the vegetation.

The honey warehouse, its full of 300kg barrels of honey!

Just thought I'd throw some pics up for those of you interested in what things look like where I am right now. I will be staying here for two more weeks before going to Mwinilunga.

A real post is soon to come.


Anonymous said...

Mark: I see pictures of a country with enormous potential. Very nice. Again all the best the coming year and I hope to read once in a while what you are doing. Regards, Wim Duizer, Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Club

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
I love reading your personal insights and observations from your experiences. I also really enjoy your photos...keep 'em coming!

Baby #2 has not yet arrived and we are keenly awaiting for some action! Caprice is expressing new words everyday and expanding her climbing repetoire.

The second store, Sweetgrass Market is progressing nicely. New launch date is hopefully in May.

Big Hugs,
Carie Lee

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, My name is Mwenda and I am Dan Ball's daughter. I decided to google his name today and I found your blog. I'm very happy I happend to stumble on it, I once too read in that hammock after doing my work and chores it's such a peaceful and kind of magestic place isn't it? lots of place to explore and to run around hahaha. well just thought I would say hi.