Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bee Picture

Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty crappy after eating some questionable food. I was lazy and sat outside in the sun hoping it would dry my hair before I caught a cold to boot.

Sure enough, along came a bee. She looks pretty focused. And you can see on her back legs, there are packs of pollen, they're an orange/yellow colour.

In June I hope to have more bee pictures up.


Shawn said...

Now the real question - the one EVERYONE is dying to know - DID YOU GET STUNG?!

Kidding aside, I dig the second shot of the bee on the flower...a taste of what's to come I suppose.

Hope all is well! Things are just peachy out our way.

Mark Hemsworth said...

thanks Shawn.

no, I didn't get stung.

Just arrived in mwinilunga today! crazy good stuff, feels like I left a big city behind and can breath better now.


Anonymous said...

how's life in mwinilunga? glad to hear you haven't been stung! can't wait to see pics and hear some stories about your new home.