Sunday, April 12, 2009

"fast" internet

Ok, so I'm in Solwezi and they have fast internet here - well, fast enough to easily upload photos, but not fast enough to see youtube, so I feel compelled to put up some photos.

For Easter weekend I'm visiting a friend who lives in a village 50km from Solwezi (so just 350km from Mwinilunga).   

This is Marissa admiring Joe's earings from his Samaritan's Purse box.

So Marissa has been in Zambia for a year and I got a chance this weekend to go visit her and see what her project is all about.  She is working on building a high school 50km from Solwezi.  Learn more on her website -

This baby was named after Marissa.

Here is Kalusa sewing together used sacs to create a bee suit.

And Mr. Matulu shows off the result.  Is he going to crop honey or launch into orbit?

After all the Samaritans purse boxes were open, the kids still played with their 'truck'.

Ya, this truck is amazing.  First of all, the one kid made it all on his own, and if you have a good eye - you'll notice that it has real stearing capabilities.  Ya, they hava rack-and-pinion system just the same way a real car would have.

Total inginuity from 8 year olds!

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HCP said...

This pic brings back so many memories! I am from Zambia and Mwinilunga in particular! Those cars and trucks and bikes we made out of wire were the bomb, as well as the "guns made from a plank of wood, and some wire, a nail and rubber bands.

Great blog!