Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home for Christmas

Here I am back in Calgary for Christmas.   Indeed its a good feeling to be home to relax and visit everyone...and to look in the fridge and find such items as smoked salmon, pumpkin pie and eggnog. 

Yes - Mom is happy, and yes - thats whip cream on that pie.

My surprise was made possible because I have extended my contract with EWB up to March 2010, which means I am back in Canada for a month to visit everyone and to attend the EWB National Conference in January.

Spencer - This guy showed up while I was away.

Cariann - way taller than the last time I saw her.

Can't say that I feel any reverse culture shock.  Mostly things are exactly how I remember them from 11 months ago.  I can say I've noticed the fast internet, the good roads, the over packaged food and  the amount of clutter in peoples homes.  We just have stuff everywhere....

Some entertainment if anyones looking 

A video from some volunteers in Western Africa

A video from us in Southern Africa

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