Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Honey Team

his is what its all about...

well ok, maybe it was just nice to have a lot of friends around. This last week I was lucky enough to attend the Zambian Agriculture and Commercial Show, which was amazing. There were a lot of development organizations, but also a lot of businesses.
Rogers checks out a 30 ton trailer

We got tired of walking around so went to have a few beers and watch the marching band from the bar.
This Wednesday & Thursday we had our Year Plan Meeting for Forest Fruits at a lodge 50km out of town. The meeting itself was amazing, I was asked to facilitate (which was a good experience) and it was really good to see what everyones ideas were. I think we all left the meeting with enthusiasm and now we have a vision to work towards for the next 12 months.

Vision, ideas, sharing... those are all great, but for sure the best part was seeing everyone again. I have spent just 5 weeks up in Mwinilunga, but while I was there I made friends with the management team and now I realize just how much I missed them. I took some pictures during the breaks and now I'd like to introduce...

The Honey Team

starting with Evans - he was the one who saved me from the red ants

Chiko - knows all 6000 beekeepers and is a madman on the motorbike

Alice - holds down the fort and keeps us from starving.

Matimba - a real sucker for new gadgets (zen being the latest)

Womba - still giving it 100% at 8 months pregnant!
Mr. Jalata - he is just too nice

???? - is this guy ever going to cut that hair. ..

Chris - my pushup buddy who's trying to shift some belly weight into muscle mass

Dan Ball - busy eating and eating before his wife (Barb) returns from Canada

So ya, no picture of Barb, she should be enjoying her time in Algonquin park right about now.

--Insert picture here--

Barb - the mom/nurse to the bunch who keeps us in good health.

We got to see lions, giraffes, elephants, zibras and gazelles all in one hour!

And then before we knew it our 2 days were up.

A great team, a great place and an exciting year to come.


Paige said...

Wow, sounds like it's been an awesome time for you. Like I've told you, just let me know if you need anything from us (the chapter). Although, by the sounds of it, seems like you've been doing just fine on your own.

The Bee Tree said...
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