Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kickin it by the Lake

A couple weeks ago, I was pealed away from my work here in the capital city (Lusaka) to go on a 10 day excursion involving 2 countries, 20 Candians and 2 EWB retreats. After regretting the idea of being away from work for such a long time, I quickly got over it when we arrived at our destination on Lake Malawi.

The restaurant on Senga Bay is an old house without a roof!

A picture of the restaurant from 'outside'.

The EWB Longterm Volunteer Crew.

So then it was back to Zambia for the short term volunteer retreat. I thought there was no way it could get any better than Senga Bay in Malawi, but I was proven wrong. The location is right on a point that juts out into Lake Kariba, and is part of a town called Siavonga. The owner is an architect of some sort and has built a house for his wife and three kids which looks a bit like a castle. They run a children's inspirational camp here and is a development project.

The owner's house at the camp in Siavonga.

The fire pit sits right on the point and is beside an Amarula fruit tree.

Looking out at Lake Kariba from our "meeting room" in Siavonga.

Up and coming is the potential that I'll have a work visa in my hands within a week, and this Sunday me and some EWB folk will be having dinner with Ian Smillie.


Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!
glad to hear you're enjoying your time and that your work visa is finally on its way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark

Outstanding work. Valuable work. Fulfilling work. Good work is making the lives of others and yourself better. That's what you're doing. That's all that's important, really.

Anonymous said...

Nooo! I just came from Nyami Nyami adventure trust. Beautiful place and the Kazumi cake is wonderful and she and her family are very friendly! Sara -BG-Italy